I wrote this for the [info]slashthedrabble 'Fantasy' challenge. *Hugs* to [info]darkhavens and [info]willshenilshe for coming up with such a brilliant idea!



Leaves fluttered in the light breeze, creating ever-shifting patterns of light and shade on their naked bodies as they made love languidly.

Spike raised his head towards the sun and howled as he climaxed, his angular features contorted with ecstasy. He rolled over onto his back and spread his arms and legs into a starfish shape, trying to soak up every ray of sunlight.

Xander raised himself on one elbow and looked at his lover, the corners of his mouth lifting in amusement. Spike resembled nothing so much as a basking cat. Only whiskers and a tail were needed to complete the picture.

"What're you smiling at, Harris? This week's green and nasty isn't all that entertaining."

He opened his eyes to find himself the object of curious glances from every corner of the Magic Box. "Um, nothing," he said defensively. "Just ..."

Just want to walk in the sunshine with my vampire. Just want to see him glow in the light of something other than the moon. Just, once, want him to feel what he's missed for over a century. With me.

Sighing, he turned back to his book and pretended to read. One day. Maybe one day.

The End

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