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Spike paced. He sat. Drummed his fingers on the coffee table. Tapped his foot on the floor. He stood up. He sat down. He stood again and paced.

Xander ground his teeth. He rolled his eyes. He bit his tongue – literally. Finally, he could stand it no longer.

“Spike, for fuck’s sake, will you land somewhere for longer than thirty seconds? You’re making me dizzy!” he complained.

“Dunno what you’re talkin’ about.” Spike stopped pacing and stretched mightily, joints cracking and popping. “I’m just limberin’ up.”

“Limbering up for what?”

Spike gave him his patented I knew humans were stupid but do you need to prove it so often? look.

Xander snickered, unabashed. “You’re really gonna go through with this, aren’t you?”

“’Course I am. Never turned down a dare in my life and I’m not about to start now.”

“Well, that’s just great, vamp-o-mine, but I wouldn’t have dared you if I’d known it’d be me who’d do the suffering.”

Spike growled. “You’re not sufferin’, Harris. This is a walk in the park for you, a piece of cake, a stroll in the moonlight … I’m the one in pain.”

“So,” said Xander in a voice of calm reason that infuriated the vampire, “light up, why don’t you?”

“Because, you dared me to give up for a week and, like I said …”

Xander raised his hand, “I know, I know. You’ve never turned down a dare in your life.”

“Exactly. Only got yourself to blame if I’m a bit restless.”

“A bit restless! Words fail me.”

“Not that I’ve noticed,” said Spike dryly.

“I don’t get it. You’re a vampire. You can’t possibly be addicted to nicotine. Your body renews itself all the time – or maybe the demon does that. I’ve never figured it out. You’re a virgin every night, for crying out loud!”

Spike prowled over to Xander and shimmied a full body rub up and down his front. “Glad you noticed, pet.”

Xander gasped, his body reacting happily to the vampire's movements, cock hardening in anticipation. "Maybe you need some other kind of ... um, oral stimuation?" Please say Yes, please say Yes.

Spiked grinned. "Lose the clobber, pet."

Xander had spent a considerable amount of time researching British slang on the 'net but Spike's knowing smile made the research redundant. He knew exactly what was expected of him. His enormous smile eclipsed the room lighting. He stripped, almost falling over in his hurry.

He pushed the vampire down onto the bed and crawled up his body, licking and sucking on the way. He finally reached Spike's mouth and thrust his tongue inside, sure of its welcome. His certainty wasn't misplaced. Their tongues slid against one another, familiarity not dampening the excitement.

Spike pulled away with a groan and rested his forehead again Xander's. "Suck me, love. I want to be in your mouth."

"I want to be in yours."

They both sat up, grins matching.

"I've got a cunning plan," said Spike.

"Tell me all about it, Baldrick." Yeah, that research was paying off.

Xander shucked off his boxers and lay back down. A lean, muscular body slithered on top of him. He ran his hands through Spike's gelled hair, smiling as it spiked under his fingers. That's how he got his nickname. He can give me all that other bullshit, but that's the truth I choose to believe.

Spike kissed him gently, lovingly, reassuringly. The kiss of a Master for his beloved Consort. "Gonna turn around now pet."


Spike spun around to face the foot of the bed, his head now level with Xander's erection. He buried his face in the crease between Xander's leg and hip and breathed deeply. His lovely boy smelled so good. He licked tentatively, smiling as Xander bucked up.


"'S'okay, love. I've got you. Got you safe."

Xander's smile of pleasure evolved into a groan as Spike took the head of the bobbing cock into his mouth and sucked fiercly, pleased when pre-ejaculate trickled down his throat.

Xander was lost to sensation. He pounced on the engorged shaft within easy reach and took it deeply within his mouth, sucking and licking and probing the weeping slit with the tip of his tongue.

His head dropped back as he felt Spike's mouth and tongue playing with his engorged cock and his fingers rolling his heavy sac, but soon moved back to the lovely treat in front of him.

Spike traced the thick blue vein running up Xander's thick length with the tip of his tongue then sucked the shaft deeply into his mouth, longing to taste Xander's release.

Xander's body arched, his cock thrusting deeply into Spike's throat. Spike swallowed his boy's semen, unwilling to miss a single drop of the salty/sweet fluid. He came in Xander's mouth, tepid fluid pouring down the boy's throat.

Xander lay back on the pillows, panting. "Can you give up cigarettes again next week again, please? 'Cos .... damn!!"

The End

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