I wrote this for the "101 Nights of Multifandom Porn" challenge. Okay, it's not the greatest fic in the world (as if!) but I'm dead chuffed with myself for delivering on time and in strict, probably too literal, accordance with my assignment. So now I'm inflicting it on my flist. *g*

My love and thanks to [info]snowpuppies, who held my virtual hand throughout and even checked that my cut tags were in the right place *smooch*, [info]eyezrthewindows, [info]velvetwhip and [info]evilmaniclaugh for their wonderful beta help and unstinting support.

Apple Bobbing


Spike slunk, cat-like, behind Buffy and Willow as they bounced happily along the midway, their arms linked, Xander trailing a step behind.

They were passing possibly the world's gaudiest carousel and heading for a concession stand where they planned to buy supper. Extra ketchup and mustard. Damn the expense. Hot dogs followed by caramel apples. Who said there was no such thing as heaven on earth? Fireworks lit up the sky and the group stopped momentarily to admire the show.

Oh yes, I’ve still got it. They have no clue that I’m …

“For crying out loud, Spike! What do you think you’re doing?” came a demanding voice.

Spike looked over his shoulder then back at Xander, feigning surprise. “Who, me? Nothin’ at all, Harris. Can’t a fellow take a late night stroll without being hassled by one of the Slayer's groupies?”

To Spike’s surprise, the brunet chuckled. “Pot … kettle … black .… Words ringing a bell, Fangface?”

A reluctant smile tugged at the corners of Spike’s mouth. “Cute, boy. Very cute.”

Cute: that he is.

“So, Spike. Are you through stalking Buffy for the night? ‘Cos, sheesh, embarrassing much?”

Spike was stung. “'M’not stalking. I’m just …”

“Following? In a lurky way? Being obsesso-vamp?”

“Dunno what you’re talking about,” sniffed Spike. “The sawdust must've soaked into your noggin.”

Xander arched an eyebrow and stared pointedly at Spike’s artificially-enhanced platinum locks. "Can I just say ... a gallon of peroxide and healthy brain cells probably don't mix so well."

Spike looked over Xander's shoulder. The girls had continued walking for a few steps then stopped and were out of earshot now, though looking at them with curiosity.

His shoulders slumped. "Why do you always do this?"

The man's eyes widened. "Do what?" He forgot to add an insulting epithet.

"Treat me like dirt when we're with your little friends. Would it be so bad if they knew about us?"

Xander's eyes became even more huge. "Hey! You were the one who wanted to keep this quiet. Something about not wanting to get staked if Buffy found out you were fucking one of her buddies. And preferring not to be green, croaky and surviving on a staple diet of flies if Willow got the news bulletin."

Spike's eyes dropped to the ground. "Maybe I changed my mind," he mumbled. "Maybe I'd rather take the risk than keep pretending it's the Slayer I'm in love with." His gaze returned to Xander's face and he was taken aback to see a lone tear trickling down the boy's cheek, quickly wiped away.

"You-you're in love with me?" asked Xander hesitantly, hardly daring to believe it.

"'Course I am, you nit." He frowned in puzzlement. "Didn't you know? Sex and love are like ham and eggs for me. Can't have one without the other."

"How could I know? You didn't tell me!"

Spike took Xander's face in his hands and said, very gently, "Well, that was bloody stupid of me." He leaned forward and pressed a fervent kiss to his love's lips. "I'm sorry." He risked a quick glance at Buffy and Willow from the corners of his eyes. They seemed to be rooted to the spot. Not a stake in sight. He grinned wickedly and slung Xander over his shoulder. "Gonna take you home now, and show you how much."

"Hey, Blondie, I wanted to bob for apples tonight. It's Halloween!" A token protest seemed called for, even though his cock was already awakening.

Xander looked back at the girls as Spike jogged away, grabbing his ass to keep him steady, and was astonished to see them smiling at one another, eyes rolling. He'd pretty much expected to be chased after and saved from the Evil One.

"Well, thank the goddess that's done," said Willow fondly. "Out of the closet has got to be better than trying to be Sneaky Guys. They were just so bad at it."

"Yeah. How stupid did they think we were? I was tired of tripping over the sexual tension these last few weeks. They could barely keep their hands off one another on patrol! And that's not good when I'm looking for back-up in the demon-slayage."

Spike and Xander fell into the apartment in a flurry of tangled limbs.

The blond kicked the door shut then picked up his mate again and raced to the bedroom, throwing Xander down on the king-size bed the men had decided they needed for fun and games. He reached down to unbuckle Xander's belt then pulled off his jeans and boxers in a single, swift move.

Xander pulled off his white wife-beater then lay back and surveyed the gorgeous creature standing over him. "Hey, naked here. Feeling a bit conspicuous ..." he laughed, toeing off his sneakers.

The vampire removed his own clothes with preternatural speed and grinned. "That better?"

"Oh, yeah," groaned Xander. His eyes travelled up the perfect, pale body of his lover and he wondered how he could be so lucky. He'd resisted Anya's insistence that he was gay right up until Spike had dragged him into a kiss in the cemetery while they were on patrol. Denial Boy had died on that night, to be replaced by Must Get My Hands On That Luscious Body Again Boy. Luckily, Spike didn't seem to have a problem with that.

"I love you too, Spike," he said shyly.

Spike's smile became predatory and his cock sprang to attention. "Wanna prove it?"

Xander sighed happily. Sucking off Spike was his favourite thing to do. Along with being thoroughly cored by Spike. Or shagging the vampire. Or being sucked off by him. He squeaked as Spike reached into the toy box by the bed, grabbed his hands and tied them to the iron bed-frame with a length of thin rope.

"You want me, baby? Want to feel my cock deep in your throat and my come spurting into your mouth?"

"Mmm, yes please." Xander opened his mouth invitingly and Spike straddled his chest, erect shaft just out of reach. "Why don't you bob for these, then?" he murmured, fondling his own balls. "You know how good they taste. Better'n apples."

Xander almost came on the spot. Oh yes, he knew how they tasted and felt and how they pulled up into Spike's body when he was about to come. He pushed out his tongue and tried to reach them, then whimpered as he realised Spike was in playful mode and was going to keep his dangly bits out of reach.

Spike tried, he really did. But the sight of Xander's desperate, pleading expression and the feel of the tip of the boy's rigid cock prodding his spine when he leant back was too much to handle. He pressed forward and thrust his shaft into that willing mouth, trying to hold back his orgasm. Hey, evil vampire here! With staying power.

Xander ran the flat of his tongue up Spike's weeping erection until he reached the head then drew it into his mouth, sucking hard, glorying in the flavour of those pearly drops.

Spike shakily reached up to release Xander's hands and was rewarded when the human began to knead and roll his balls with clever fingers. He groaned and threw his head back when Xander drew his sac into his mouth and began to tongue and suck eagerly. His famed staying power finally disappeared when Xander licked his index finger until it was wet then reached around to stroke his perineum and started to push into his pucker.

God, Xander loved it when he could make his beautiful bleached blond howl.

The End

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